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드디어 noto sans korean 웹폰트 가 지원이 된다.

이전에도 되긴 됐지만 빨리 폭파되는 링크였던걸로 아는데 이번에 갓 구글께서 폰트 얼리엑세스 지원을 해주심.


@import url(;

를 넣어주면 된다.

폰트페밀리는 ‘Noto Sans KR’ 임

Noto Sans KR (Korean)

Noto is a font family that aims to support all languages in the world. This is the Sans Korean family. It has Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black styles. For more information about Noto, go to

Noto Sans KR has been subsetted to cover the full repertoire of modern Hangul syllables (11,172) and most of symbols in KS X 1001. It also has the full support for Old Hangul with Unicode Hangul Conjoining Jamos and Opentype features. It does not have any Hanjas (Chinese characters) and Greek/Cyrillic letters. The full version can be downloaded in the link below. For more details, see


@import url(;


font-family: ‘Noto Sans KR’, sans-serif;

SIL Open Font License, 1.1 | Download

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